Paper Bags vs Plastic Bags


Many supermarket joints and retail chains offer the option to bag your groceries using plastic bags or paper bags. While plastic bags are produced using petroleum products, making paper bags requires deforestation. This obviously makes it hard to choose between the two types of bags.

Nowadays, shoppers tend to prefer paper bags  so let's take a look at some of the factors that make paper bags the ideal option.

Plastic has become an environmental issue. Unlike plastic bags, paper bags can be easily disposed so they do not become a health hazard.

The current state of the economy has also determined this rise in popularity of the plastic bag. Most stores offer paper bags for free with any purchase, and charge the buyer for plastic bags therefore the cost is another important factor that determines what type of bag will a person choose.

Safety is another important factor, as we are all familiar with the number of cases of suffocation and danger of swallowing among little children. Plastic bags have been responsible for many such accidents.

Most paper bags are manufactured of recycled paper so hopefully the market for paper bags will no longer accelerate deforestation and plastic bags will soon become truly eco-friendly products.

Bottom line, the plastic bag is the better choice for cheap, safe and eco-friendly shopping.


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